Tips for storing your delicate possessions

    Whether you’re relocating to a new home, renovating, or merely clearing space for new improvements, there are plenty of reasons for renting a self-storage unit. If you are here because you are interested in storing your delicate possessions, prepare to take notes. Because Purple Heart Moving Group experts have a lot of tips for you! One of the first things you should know is that many storage facilities offer different (or all of these) amenities. These might include heated and humidity-controlled units, along with complimentary dollies and carts. There are lots of other ways that you can make your move easier and safer, so keep on reading!

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    There’s a lot to be distracted with when moving in a week or less.

    Preparing to make use of our storage facilities in the long term?

    It never hurts to take a few extra precautions to ensure the protection of your most fragile items. Lucky for you, you have the best resources here with our Florida movers. Our team with years of experience in moving has compiled a list of what we think are the most essential tips for storing your delicate possessions and keeping those items safe. Read on for a full list of those great tips to help you store your items away safely.

    What packing materials do you need for storing your fragile possessions?

    • Remember that the sturdiness of boxes will lessen over time. It would be a good idea to use the best quality packaging materials and storage supplies that you can get.
    • To make it easy, our cheap storage Florida has all of these readily available for you. Also, note that it is smart to buy boxes of a similar size as this will help with stacking and allow you to make the most use of the space in our unit.

    Packing strategies

    • Don’t overpack boxes because they will quickly become heavy. Then the danger of spilling will arise. Follow the instructions and make it your goal to reach full capacity. We recommend using materials such as bubble-wrap, towels, or paper. They can fill any gaps inside. Secondly, make sure you put the heaviest, most densely packed items at the bottom. And finally, put lighter boxes on top – especially if your belongings are going to be in storage for a long time.
    • Add clear labels to several sides of each box and create an inventory with a lot of details. Make sure that you also write ‘fragile’ onto anything liable to break. Seal every box with the utmost care and use high-quality packing tape before adding it to your storage.
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    Purchase specific clothes boxes or wardrobes so you can hang your stored items in garment bags.

    Avoiding moisture when storing possessions

    • Firstly, don’t store anything that may be damp. If you do, mold will follow.
    • Secondly, don’t wrap your items in plastic as the resulting humidity can lead to mildew.
    • Thirdly, in case of any large appliances, thoroughly defrost freezers and fridges. Along the same lines, you should drain out washing machines and secure the hoses.
    • Next, you need to ensure every appliance is entirely clean and dry. Also, as an extra safety measure, wipe the interior with bicarbonate of soda before storing your delicate possessions.
    • Finally, shut the doors during the move but leave them slightly open in the storage unit.
    • On the other hand, if you are storing a mattress, don’t leave it next to wooden furniture or polished surfaces. Additionally, the mattress cover is a sound investment.
    • Wrap your fragile belongings separately in bubble wrap or plenty of paper. Fill gaps in the box with some sort of filler material and put lighter items on top of heavier ones.

    Tips for storing your delicate items:

    1. Tips for storing rare & antique books:

    • For a lot of people, books are gateways into other worlds. However, they are also deceptively fragile. The first step in storing your delicate possessions in the form of a beautiful book collection is to rent a climate-controlled unit. Such a high-quality unit will keep fluctuations in temperature and humidity in order. These amenities prevent the warping of the pages or drying them out.
    • Next, you need to make sure your books are clean and dust-free. Place each book in a polyethylene bag before storing them. We recommend storing similarly sized books together so that smaller books don’t concave under larger ones over time. Be sure to lift your book boxes off the floor by putting them on pallets for example. This will protect them from absorbing moisture from concrete floors.

    2. Jewelry:

    Before anything else, you should give your jewelry a good cleaning. Use soap and water, and then go over each piece with a high-quality polish. Once it dries down, place the jewelry pieces in its separate box. You want to prevent necklaces from tangling and stones from scratching anything. If the boxes your items originally came are no longer available, use small cotton-filled cardboard boxes. You should also select a storage facility with top-of-the-line features like gated entry, video cameras, motion-activated lights, and individual alarms.

    3. Glassware:

    Always use small-sized boxes when storing delicate possessions such as glassware. The more tightly you pack each glass, the safer they’ll be. But don’t forget, glass is heavy! You should wrap each glass with two layers of packing paper! Leave plenty of overhang to stuff inside the glass. Contact us because we can sell you this as well as any other essential packing materials at each of our locations. Next, line the bottom of the box packing paper, just crumple it before placing the heaviest items in the box. Seal the box snugly with packing tape and label it “fragile.”

    Cardboard box
    With these tips, you can preserve your long-term storage items and ensure they are ready for use when you need them again!

    4. Vinyl records:

    These are also delicate possessions that will benefit from climate-controlled storage. Too much humidity will likely lead to mold and mildew. Remember, moisture can and destroy your record collection, starting with the sleeves! Along the same lines, too much heat can cause your records to melt and warp rendering them unplayable. You can use old cardboard boxes for storage, but your records must be standing straight upright. Pack them tight enough until there isn’t any wiggle room between them.