Tips to help spouses handle a PCS move

    A soldier and his wife ready to handle a PCS move

    Every marriage has its challenges, but not many can understand the sacrifices your unique union brings. Certain instances are easier to handle than the others. You probably already envisioned most of the things you initially considered troublesome, and now know how to cope. However, it can be quite challenging to handle a PCS move without a previous heads-up. A constant change of location can be erroneous and downright aggravating. However, with the right approach and mindset, you and your significant other can make the most out of this circumstance and view it as a positive experience.

    A woman soldier sitting in front of a house door
    Every difficulty is your opportunity to grow. Try to handle a PCS move in such a manner and it will seem like a much simpler undertaking.

    Talk about it extensively

    One of the best ways of handling a PCS move, as is any other occurrence that provokes a great deal of stress, is by talking about it. Verbalising your worries has proven to be a great way of relieving some of that burden. This change is by no means a small one, even more so if you have children. Have an honest and open conversation with your spouse about all the things that trouble you. Be understanding and rational when doing so. You need to realize that the PCS is hard on them too, often in ways you cannot fathom. It’s perfectly understandable that you have concerns, but don’t forget to be a person your significant other can rely on. So, tackle this issue together and handle a PCS move like a team. Go over the things that seem most demanding and have faith in yourself, as well as in your relationship, that you will be able to handle surprises that occur along the way. See if you hiring professional movers and packers Florida is the right option for your relocation. Decide together on what belongings are worth bringing, and what should be left behind.

    Find a proper helping hand

    Every relocation is best handled by experienced professionals. Not only will the move last much longer, but it will also take a load off your mind. Depending on the amount of budget you are prepared to allocate, a proper moving company can provide various services to aid your relocation. So, it’s best to choose from the top-rate military moving companies and find the ones that best suit your preferences, possibilities, and requirements. A proper helping hand will grant you at least one less thing to worry about. Not to mention that it will help you handle a PCS move immensely.

    Soldiers marching with backpacks on them
    In order to handle a PCS move, it’s best to trust experts in their own respected field to do the job.

    Handle a PCS move by claiming your space

    No matter the location this PCS move takes you, making the place into your new home is of utmost importance. That is if you want to handle a PCS move in the best possible way. We all share a fear of the unknown. Thus, starting a new life in a place you didn’t choose yourself justifiably sounds dreadful. Even more so if the home you are leaving proved to be quite fitting. However, a PCS move is no reason to despair. Rather view it as a fresh start and an abundance of opportunities smiling at you. Come moving day, you have already picked out only the items you want to carry, leaving every redundancy behind. Upon arrival to your new home, do not restrain from rearranging the place to your liking. Hang your pictures, spread out your carpets and get some fresh flowers. Claim your space by making certain rooms look exactly like the ones in your previous home, that is if you wish so.  It will make the place feel familiar and thus more welcoming and comforting.

    See it as an adventure

    Besides trying out your dream home and realizing what you can and simply cannot live without, you also get to enjoy the advantages of traveling. Just think about it. How many of your friends get to travel around the world without depleting their bank accounts? Every time you think about how hard it is to handle a PCS move, and we do not say that it is not, think about the new cultures and areas you are about to come acquainted with. Let this be one of the reasons to celebrate your relocation. It is a truly unique situation you’ve found yourself in. Not many people share a life like yours. Whether you are going over the pond or staying in the current county, you are entering unexplored territory. You choose to see it as a long-term vacation, or as a new opportunity, but an adventure nonetheless. However hard this transition may be, you will grow as a person in more ways than one. It’s no secret that traveling enriches the soul.

    A soldier extending his hand to little infants, giving them fruit
    Every country has its own culture and history. Getting to know and accepting the intricacies of a different nation will make you grow as a person.

    Be the initiator

    Once you’ve moved and unpacked your belongings, it’s time to meet the neighbors. Instead of waiting for them to make the first move, which will most likely happen as soon as you start unloading the boxes, you should be the initiator. Make a housewarming party and invite the neighbors and your spouse’s colleagues. Being a part of a community will help handle a PCS move in a lot of ways. Military families tend to make bonds quickly. Why? Because you best understand each other. Some peculiarities of your life can be difficult to explain to common folk, but your neighbors will understand and even share advice based on the first-hand experience. Building a support network right away will help tremendously with settling in. Instead of feeling alone, you will get the sense of being at home in no time. Friendships are what gets you through the ups and downs of military life. So, don’t be afraid to jump right in.