Tips to remember when moving houseplants

    Pots on a window

    When preparing for a move one has to think about a lot of things. It is hard to pay attention to so many details, and often it is almost impossible. Depending on how big of a move this is and how experienced you are, it can be more or less challenging. First of all, you have to actually find your new home. This can be a huge drag depending on whether you are looking to buy a home or to rent it. Then, once you are done with that you have to find the best way to pack all of your belongings safely. This is can be a really hard task sometimes, particularly if you have a large home. One of the most sensitive things to pack are the plants and there are several ways for going about moving houseplants.

    Hiring a good moving company is really important

    Another thing that you have to take care of when moving is finding a proper moving company. It is impossible to overstate the importance of a good moving company. If you are moving from Florida to New York, for instance, you should hire a top-rate Florida moving company. Hiring such a company will make things a lot easier for you. The best ones offer a whole wide variety of services.

    moving houseplants and leaves
    Some moving companies don’t move plants, so be sure to check that out.

    However, there are moving companies that don’t refuse to pay insurance for plants. Furthermore, some moving companies won’t even allow plants on their truck. Some may even have the option of specifically helping you with moving houseplants. It is important to be aware of what you are paying for. It is always nice to save money, but if paying 15% more means hiring a 50% better moving company, that you should, by all means, go for it.

    Make an inventory list

    Making an inventory list is something a lot of people disregard as unimportant. However, years of experience have shown that it is actually quite the opposite. Making an inventory list is hugely beneficial when dealing with unpacking obstacles. First of all, by putting all of your belongings on a piece of paper and listing them properly will improve your packing and overall organization a lot. Sorting your belongings according to rooms in your home would a great way to do this. By listing all of your houseplants and organizing them according to type will help you plan moving houseplants a lot better. You will be able to better conclude what kind of equipment you are going to need.

    plants in pots
    Making a proper plan is really important, especially when dealing with living things.

    Secondly, an inventory list will be useful when unpacking because you will be able to plan the whole process. This will also be beneficial for your plants also. The third reason why making an inventory list is a must-do is the fact that you may need it for filing an insurance claim. Even if you hire one of the best moving companies Hollywood FL offers, accidents may still happen. They can damage or lose some of your things and you will then have to file an insurance claim. Many moving companies require an inventory list as one of the documents that you have to provide when filing a claim.

    There is a catch for moving houseplants

    Before you start preparing your plants for the move, you should first check the regulations of your state. Also, you should check the regulations of states that you are going to be going through (your things at least). Why? Well, different states have different regulations. So, some plants may be on a list of forbidden plants and you won’t be able to get them across the border. The last thing you need is to leave your favorite plant with some border guard.

    Moving houseplants – How to?

    You are going to need a couple of things if you are going to move them by yourself. First of all, you are going to need some boxes. Make sure you get enough of them, as there are things you can do with any potential leftover moving supplies and moving boxes. They should be rather sturdy, as they have to able to carry a lot of weight. You should line their insides with plastic and then put a plant inside. Protection is very important, especially when dealing with living things. That is why your next step should be to provide cushioning for them. You can do this by stuffing the bubble wrap or even foam cushioning in between the box and the pot in order to make sure that, during the move, the plant won’t be moving or tipping over.

    A woman re-potting a plant.
    You should wait a week before moving them to their pots, so you don’t shock them

    So, if you are going to be moving houseplants yourself, you should put them on your car’s backseat. Preferably, the taller plants should be put behind the seats, on the floor. Now, if you won’t be able to make it to your new home before the end of the day and so you have to stay in a motel, you have to make sure that the plants have proper conditions. If the weather is going to be cold during the night, then you should consider bringing them in. It may feel weird a bit, but they will be a lot better off in your room. In any case, they should be wrapped in plastic covers to protect them from potential damage. Though, don’t forget to poke holes in the wrapping so they can breathe.

    What to do once you have moved them?

    What you do after the move is no less important than what you do before and during it. First of all, you have to remove the plastic wrapping as soon as you reach your new home. However long the move lasted, they are going to need air as soon as possible. If you have hired movers you should help them take care of your plants at least.

    The next step is to take them out of their boxes and nourish them. So, provide them with water and some fertilizer (ask around which one is the best suited for each plant). If you had to move them in plastic containers and now you want to them put them back in their pots, you have to wait. So much moving can be really stressful and unhealthy for them. Around a week is an optimal period of waiting before putting them back to their pots.