Top 10 most romantic spots in NYC

    Central Park is one of the most romantic spots in NYC

    It’s not hard to see the Big Apple’s romantic potential, considering the city’s opportunities for long walks, fine dining and amazing Instagram snaps. Even though some people will rush to point out the opposite, Florida to New York movers believe there are still many beautiful, even heart-stopping places that can easily make the top 10 most romantic spots in NYC. Just in time for autumn-inspired romance in the opera, Broadway or one of many New York museums, we’ve rounded up our top 10 most romantic spots in NYC. From a medieval monastery to a comfy restaurant and some of the most popular favorites like the view from the Empire State Building.

    Lady Liberty
    Although people would say that New York has a lot of less than love-inspiring locations, we dare to disagree.

    1. The Staten Island Ferry

    • Whitehall Terminal, 4 South Street, Lower Manhattan

    Everyone can tell you about how the Staten Island Ferry is one of the most surprising top 10 most romantic spots in NYC. And it most definitely lives up to its reputation. The ride is free, with cheap beer on board, and you can enjoy the best view of the Statue of Liberty and the New York Harbor. After calling your packing services Florida you’ll soon be crossing from Manhattan to Staten Island, don’t forget to stop at Pier 76 and try the best pizza before heading back.

    2. Top 10 most romantic spots in NYC: The Cloisters

    • 99 Margaret Corbin Drive, Fort Tryon, Manhattan

    It seems melodramatic that austere religious art could be a good backdrop for romance, but The Cloisters is one of the most enjoyable top 10 most romantic spots in NYC. The museum and its gallery space lie on four acres in Fort Tryon Park. The atmosphere is quiet, secluded, and it is engulfed in beautiful gardens. You can also walk around the greenery from the Saint-Guilhem cloisters, which were taken from a medieval monastery in Southern France. They surround the museum’s property. The museum has lots of dark nooks for stealing a smooch and hand-holding.

    Madonna figurine
    But be warned! You will get a few judgmental looks from a watchful Madonna statue.

    3. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

    • 990 Washington Avenue at Montgomery Street, Crown Heights, Brooklyn 

    The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is one of our top 10 most romantic spots in NYC for several reasons. It is not as big as its counterpart in the Bronx, but it is exactly that small setting that makes it thoroughly more romantic. The Cranford Rose Garden is adorned with over 1,000 different breeds of rose. The gorgeous Roses of Yesterday statue stands out. It is an unbelievably lovely spot, along with the charming Cherry Walk. The serenity and beauty of the pink cherry blossoms and lush greenery make it perfect for a truly memorable romantic date. If you visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden during the off-season, you will still find a nice respite from the cold. What is even better, you will get the chance to snuggle up against each other in the steamy Tropical Pavilion.

    4. Top 10 most romantic spots in NYC: Shakespeare Garden

    • Central Park, Manhattan

    As you would expect, Central Park is full of most romantic spots in NYC. For example, there’s Bow Bridge, which people normally use for wedding proposals. Next, you have the festivals and fairs that are a must-see. Or the Loeb Boathouse, where you can rent a rowboat for a leisurely hipster daytime date. But the Shakespeare Garden must be everyone’s top pick. It is situated on the park’s West Side, which is why it can often be an overlooked spot for a date. But this fact is exactly what it makes it such a good date location. The four-acre garden is home to a gorgeous array of seasonal plants and flowers. Enjoy the beautiful greenhouse while walking on stone paths or while sitting next to your date on elegant wood benches. It might happen that an occasional wedding might take away from your alone time.

    5. Domino Park

    • 15 River Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

    Domino Park is a relatively new addition to the city’s list of top 10 most romantic spots in NYC. Its doors opened just last June. But it has quickly become one of the best date spots in Brooklyn, mostly because of the park’s amazing view of the Williamsburg Bridge and the Manhattan skyline. Sunset is the most romantic time to visit Domino Park, but once the sun sets, the view is lit up by bridge and city lights, which also makes it very nice for a date night.

    6. Top 10 most romantic spots in NYC: One if by Land, Two if by Sea

    • 17 Barrow Street between 7th Ave South and 4th Street, West Village, Manhattan

    One if by Land, Two if by Sea is a restaurant, located in Hamilton-slayer Aaron Burr’s old carriage house. This is one of the top 10 most romantic spots in NYC if you like stories of restaurants haunted by Aaron Burr’s and his daughter’s ghosts. The place has preserved some of its old-world glamour, with its exposed brick, fireplaces, and vintage chandeliers. The restaurant is a white-clothed tables kind of establishment, lit up by real candles. Visitors get to dine in plush velvet armchairs. The old-world restaurant has an outstanding seven-course tasting menu and exquisite rosé champagne. Now you won’t be surprised when we tell you the restaurant hosts at least one proposal a night.

    7. Top of the Empire State Building

    • 347 5th Avenue in Midtown East

    The Empire State Building is probably the most cliché of all our top 10 most romantic spots in NYC to try. So many romantic comedies and TV shows have used this location as a meeting spot for their star-crossed lovers. Still, the view from the 86th-floor Observatory is breathtaking. The view from the 102nd floor is even more spectacular, though that one has to be admired from the inside. Which is a buzz kill on a summer day?

    Empire State Building is one of the most romantic spots in NYC
    The crowds that this building attracts is still worth the visit. The view from the 86th-floor Observatory is stunning.


    If you want to have a good time, then moving to New York is an excellent idea. The busy city streets are full of exhilarating opportunities and the views above are even more breathtaking. Romance is in the air every day if you know how to navigate the Big Apple’s crowded bars and light-polluted rooftops. Finding love is an exciting adventure. But you know adventure. Moving here with Purple Heart Moving Group was one great journey and we are always here if you decide to go on a new one. We hope you’ll enjoy NYC as much as we do!