Top cities for raising a family in Florida

    Florida is a dream state for a lot of us. When we think about raising a family in Florida we must choose only the best. That choice can sometimes be hard especially when you have a ton of great choices! Trust us when we say you won’t be wrong choosing any place from this list. So let’s see some of the best choices for you and your family.

    Why raising a family in Florida is a great idea

    Raising a family in Florida means having all the perks of big city life with an ocean view. It is a dream come true for every kid out there to live near the oceanMovers Miami will ensure your whole household gets to your desired location. Parents probably agree with their kids that living literally on the beach is a dream.

    Besides that, Florida is a grandparents’ favorite location for their retirement. This means having all of your family in once place. And that is what’s important for raising a child. Just because you decided to move, doesn’t mean you need to divide your family. Kids being with their grandparents is beneficial to the entire family. Raising a family in Florida means looking for:

    1. Safe neighborhoods
    2. Great education
    3. Amusement parks
    4. Short commute time
    a mother enjoying raising a family in Florida
    Safe neighborhoods make raising a family in Florida easy

    Maitland is the number one on our list

    The number one on our list of great cities for raising a family in Florida. If you wonder why, well let us get to it. Your kids will have Disney world literally in their back yards. And if you think this is not important, wait until you see their faces. Apart from Disney World, Maitland has all the natures’ beauty too. And packing services Florida will make sure you are ready for Maitland in no time.

    Surrounded by lakes and parks, this is a perfect environment for your family. It is filled with possibilities of fun and education as well. The best of both worlds, you might say. The University of Phoenix-Orlando and the University of Everglades are located here. This means no hard goodbyes when your kids are off to college. And that is a huge perk for all parents out there.


    A great city for families who love the big city life in Parkland. Having a large number of residents means a large number of families located here. You will never miss out on playdates here. There is 50% of households with children and that is an incredible number. So, you will have no trouble finding families for playdates. Think about that while calling packing services Florida. You and your kids will love it.

    children playing
    There are a lot of young families in Parkland

    There are a lot more perks to living in Parkland. If you want a high paying job and a lot of opportunities then Parkland is the best place to be raising a family in Florida. Yes, it is big, but it is also safe and filled with great schools for your little ones. This is a great place for families that you love big city life.


    If you plan on raising a family in Florida, but you are on a budget, we have some great news for you. One of the most affordable cities in Florida is Naples. It is located right outside of South Tampa and it is super affordable.

    You won’t be missing on the beauties of Florida because this place is filled with all that makes Florida great. Good schools. Safe and tight communities and a lot of events for your family to enjoy. You will have all the perks of living in Florida with a bit more money in your pocket. Saving is important for families, especially for kids’ education. That will be no problem for you once you move to Naples.


    Speaking of raising a family in Florida in an affordable place, there is also Tampa. The city in Hillsborough County is majestic and affordable at the same time. This city is growing fast and people just can’t get enough of it, and we understand why.

    Image of Tampa
    Tampa is an affordable place for families

    When we talked about dreamy beaches earlier, Tampa is what we had in our minds. You will be enjoying great food, beaches and a lot of sunshine. What is also great about Tampa is its diversity. Raising a family in Florida means educating children about other cultures and diversity. Kids raised this way will be more open-minded and better educated. Learning from kids in different cultures will widen their horizons.

    Winter Park

    Do not shiver on the mention of Winter Park, because it is quite the opposite. Living in Winter Park means being on the sun for the whole year. Raising a family in Florida means having access to a lot of family-friendly activities. And that is what Winter Park is about.

    You won’t have to worry about the cold either, as you will see it only in the name of this place. Filled with great parks and museums, and shopping for the moms as well. Winter Park is awesome for families. Your kids will be attending highly rated schools. Not only elementary but high schools as well. Rollins College is voted to have the most beautiful college campus and your kids will be loving it one day.

    Raising a family in Florida means having all of your family in one place. There is a lot to choose from considering how many great choices you have. This means there is a lot to discuss with your family. But the deal is, you won’t go wrong with any of the places on our list. All of these are tailored to your families’ needs. So you may as well take your pick blindfolded. All of these places have everything a family needs.