Top pet-friendly restaurants in Tampa

    pet-friendly restaurants in Tampa

    When you have a pet, you want to take him everywhere with you. Ok, maybe not everywhere, but you get the point. Having a dog means having a best friend. Why would you have to go to your favorite coffee place without him, right? So, you are probably wondering what are pet-friendly restaurants in Tampa where you can go with your furry friend? Well, we are here to give you the best info. There are many pet-friendly restaurants in Tampa, and here we will talk about the top five, so stay tuned. Remember, if you are moving to Tampa, not only that you need to know what are the pet-friendly restaurants but you should also check packing services Florida, for the best packing service there is.

    Pet-friendly restaurants in Tampa are great!

    Before we start mentioning the five best pet-friendly restaurants in Tampa, let’s remind everybody why having a pet-friendly restaurant is a must. Well you as a dog owner, are probably very well aware why these places are a necessity. Imagine that there are no pet-friendly restaurants at all. Doesn’t sound right, probably because it is not right. There are people who do not appreciate this sort of restaurants, however, there are so many other restaurants that are not pet-friendly so in case you do not like dogs, why not go there? Nowadays, there are definitely more and more pet-friendly restaurants where you can go and enjoy with your friend, which is great news. So, let’s see what are some of the pet-friendly restaurants in Tampa:

    • Pour House at Grand Central
    • Hampton Station Pizzeria
    • Mad Dogs & Englishmen
    • Gaspar’s Grotto
    • City Dog Cantina
    • On Swann

    Pet-friendly restaurants in Tampa – Pour House at Grand Central

    If you are in the mood for some delicious beer then this is a place for you. Not only that they offer a great choice of beers, but they have an excellent coffee choice as well. However, what is most important about this awesome place is that it is pet-friendly. Exactly what you have been looking for, to go with your pooch. Owners are going above and beyond to make you and your furry friends happy and comfortable. So, if you are looking pet-friendly restaurants in Tampa, make sure not to forget about Pour House at Grand Central.

    people in the pet-friendly cafe
    This is a great place to relax with your pet.

    Hampton Station Pizzeria

    Next on our pet-friendly restaurants in Tampa is definitely Hampton Station Pizzeria. This is a place where you can come with your dog and enjoy a nice atmosphere, lovely hosts, and what is interesting there is no kids policy in this restaurant. Therefore, no need to worry about having a kid running around pulling your dog to its tail and similar. This has been done for safety reason, so do not get offended if you wanted to come here with your kids. This is done with the best intention.

    a dog with a bowl
    There are no kids in this restaurant, only pets.

    Mad Dogs & Englishmen

    So, as the name says itself, in this restaurant dogs are most welcome. They are so welcome that there is a whole patio just for them. So, if you do not want to leave your dog alone, but you would still like some peace and quiet while you enjoy delicious food that Mad Dogs & Englishmen have to offer, then this is a place to be. You can let your dog run freely with the other dogs, while you are dining. Sound perfect, right? These restaurants are only some of the so many advantages of moving to Tampa.

    Gaspar’s Grotto

    Since we are on the subject of pet-friendly restaurants in Tampa, here is another one. Gaspar’s Grotto is one more restaurant on our list where you can come with your best friend. This place is widely known for its great service and even better food. Simply go and check it yourself. Also, another important thing about this awesome place is that they have a live music session. Your dog will even like it. You can live with your dog anywhere and as there are great dog neighborhoods there are also a lot of pet-friendly restaurants, but you should still be picky, so make sure that if in Tampa, you visit at least one of these restaurants.

    City Dog Cantina is among the most famous pet-friendly restaurants in Tampa

    Sometimes it is really easy to know if a restaurant is dog-friendly simply by its name. That is a situation here. You wouldn’t call your restaurant City Dog Cantina if you are not going to make it dog-friendly. This is a place that is working really late and where you can come around midnight and still get to order a nice meal. Therefore, wait no longer and check out this dog-loving place as soon as possible.

    dog in the retaurant
    Great food and a lot of dogs

    On Swann

    Last but not least on our list of pet-friendly restaurants in Tampa is On Swann restaurant. Just another great place, with delicious food where you can come with your best friend. Nobody will have any problem if you enter with your great Dane or a rottweiler. This is definitely a great pet-friendly place where not only that you are allowed to come with your dog, but also this is a place where you will enjoy.

    This is a small list we have made for you of pet-friendly restaurants in Tampa. Whatever restaurant that you choose you won’t make a mistake. Having a dog is not about having a pet, it is about having a best friend. So whenever you have the opportunity to bring him with you, do it. These great restaurants can be another reason to check moving companies NYC to Florida, if you are thinking about moving to Tampa. Have a great time in some of these places with your furry friend, enjoy!