Top South Florida cities for startups

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    Let’s start with a fun fact first – according to numerous research, South Florida seems the be the hottest place for startups at the moment. It has left behind Silicon Valley, New York City, and all the other places in the US typically associated with starting a business. Who would have thought that people all over the world would be flocking in South Florida, looking for their success? If you are an entrepreneur, then you could definitely benefit from these South Florida cities for startups. Your success awaits and it may be closer to home than you think. Whether you decide to start a brand new business or call up commercial movers Florida to relocate your existing one is up to you. What matters is that you will be at the epicenter of innovation, which is beneficial for your business.

    A close up of a palm tree.
    Palm trees are not all that thrives in beautiful South Florida.

    What makes South Florida suitable for businesses

    When you see the statistical data of all the new businesses that have emerged in South Florida, one can’t but wonder what makes this place so suitable for businesses. It certainly can’t be the sunny Florida weather, right? Well, contrary to popular belief, there may be some truth to it. Here are some of the reasons why business owners have been rushing to settle in South Florida.

    • For starters, South Florida is cheaper than NYC and Silicon Valley. Everything, from housing prices to utilities comes at a lower price and thus moving to South Florida makes more financial sense.
    • The Sunshine State is a diverse place. Different ethnicities happily co-exist here and create a unique environment, which contains plenty of talented people and many new and diverse ideas.
    • Coming back to the climate, yes, it does have a say in this. Young people are known to prefer sun and light breeze as opposed to snow. And business success awaits in places where there is youth.
    • Plenty of colleges and academies in the area make for successful people who will be hunting for a job soon enough. Those same people are skilled and trained in helping you and your business grow.
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    With their affordable prices, these South Florida cities for startups will give you the success you yearn for.

    Top 4 South Florida cities for startups

    Finally, we get to the most important part – the countdown. When we here at Purple Heart Moving Group made this list, we took into account all the relevant information, as well as our own experience. And according to our experience, these would be the cities our clients have moved to the most in pursuit of business success.


    It only makes sense to start with the iconic Miami, the biggest metropolis of Florida. Miami has unrighteously been characterized as the go-to place for parties in nightlife. Granted, no one is denying that life in Miami is fun and that the city doesn’t have an abundance of nightclubs and entertainment venues. But, as such, it also makes the perfect place for startups. Miami is the most touristy place in South Florida and that alone makes it the perfect place for startups of all kinds. Besides, being young and vivacious, Miami offers a plethora of young and trained people, ready to give their contribution to your business with their fresh ideas. What more could you need?

    A view of Miami, one of the top South Florida cities for startups.
    Life in Miami is grand! Let the charms of this metropolis take over you, too. You won’t regret!

    Boca Raton

    Just like Miami has been characterized as the place for parties, the opposite can be said for Boca Raton. It is associated with retirement and retirees. While Boca Raton is undeniably a good place to spend your retirement days, it’s also a great place to start a brand new business. Plenty of influential people live in the area and the place is mostly inhabited by people with thick wallets and fat bank accounts. If you are looking for someone to invest in your growing business, well, there will be no better place than Boca Raton. Are you still thinking about calling movers Boca Raton and letting them relocate you to this place? Don’t give it a second thought. As one of the top South Florida cities for startups, you can’t go wrong.

    Fort Lauderdale

    Miami’s popularity is closely followed by Fort Lauderdale. The county seat of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale is true heaven. The streets are full of restaurants, boutiques, and coffee shops. Whether you decide to start up a tech business, a small bakery or dabble in tourism, success is guaranteed. And that’s probably the reason why we have been busy relocating people to this city. It’s not only the epicenter of business opportunities, but it’s also the place of the most fun activities in all of South Florida. What more could you need than fun and success put together?

    An aerial view of Fort Lauderdale.
    How beautiful is Fort Lauderdale? As beautiful as it is, it equally offers incredible business opportunities.

    Pompano Beach

    Being located just along the coast of Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach may have the perfect location. Pompano Beach is a tropical paradise. As such, many decide to make the destination of their summer holidays. The place is crowded with people all year long. People who come ready to spend some money to have the best vacation. That’s why Pompano Beach is the perfect place for startups related to retail.

    Whether you want to establish a high-end boutique or you want to set up your own food court, it doesn’t’ matter. What matters is that Pompano Beach is one of the best South Florida cities for startups. And our very own Pompano Beach movers can help you move here and make your dream come true. Not only will you succeed in life but you will also do so while enjoying the beautiful vistas. As well as meeting new people, as Pompano Beach is a paradise for everyone, not just you!