Ultimate office moving checklist

    A modern white office with wooden details. Here are some things you can add to your ultimate office moving checklist.

    Everybody expects the process of moving to be stressful. Problems arise, things don’t go to plan and unexpected costs are very possible. Even if you are just moving your office, you mentally prepare yourself for things to go wrong. However, instead of preparing for the worst, you could try to prevent the worst. Of course, it’s never guaranteed that everything will go smoothly, but you can do your best. One of the things you could do is hiring commercial movers Florida. The professionals know what they’re doing and they will be of help. Another thing to do is making an office moving checklist. Here are some things that should be on your checklist for the office relocation.

    The first thing on your office moving checklist: letting your employees know

    Six people having a meeting in an office. Gathering your employees and telling them about the move is among the most important things on your office moving checklist.
    A crucial step to think about is letting your employees know about the move. Be prepared to tell them all the details about the relocation.

    First things first, you have to notify your employees about the upcoming relocation. You have to prepare everyone for the change. They might have some questions and you should be able to give them an answer. Your employees might ask you about the location of the new office space, the size of it and whether or not they will have their own office or not. They will want to know when the move is happening and if there is something they need to do before the move. It is your duty to find some reliable movers Davie FL, but your employees might be able to help in other ways. So, this is probably one of the most important things on your office move checklist.

    Next up on the office moving checklist: budgeting and packing

    An essential part of any move is defining a budget. Whether you’re moving house or moving an office, you need to have a budget in mind. Consider all the possible moving costs and decide what you can splurge on and what you would rather save some money on. You can even ask for moving estimates from a few different moving companies.

    Calculator, pen and papers.
    Next up on your office moving list is budgeting. Make sure to define a budget you are willing and able to spend on the relocation.

    And, of course, the step everyone is dreading – packing everything up. However, before you start packing, decide what exactly you are bringing. Consider the size and style of the new office. If the new office is bigger, you don’t have to worry about your things fitting into it. However, moving into a smaller office space forces you to part from certain items and furniture. If you are unable to bring everything with you, you will have to get rid of some things or to get some cheap storage in Florida. Throwing things away, donating and gifting stuff are your choices if you need to get rid of something. This is a pretty obvious task on your office relocation checklist.

    Pack the most important things like laptops first. Then, move on to papers of less importance. If you have a lot of papers to transport, you might want to consider scanning them. In order to reduce the number of papers that you need to save, get them into an online storage unit or save them on a flash drive. Also, don’t forget to label all the boxes clearly.

    Get the new office ready

    White open plan office with plants.
    Getting your new office space ready for the move is most likely going to be the most fun thing on your office moving checklist. Have fun while decorating the new office the way you like it.

    Once you have decided what you are bringing from your old office, you can start preparing the new space. When you know exactly what is coming along to the new office, you can decide where everything is going to be and how the new space is going to be decorated. There are a few things to think about when you’re preparing the new office space.

    • Do you want the style of your new office to be the same as the old one or are there things you’d like to change?
    • Think about whether or not you need to get new furniture or upgrade some old furniture.
    • Does the new office need to be painted or remodeled?
    • Are any renovations needed?
    • Is there enough space for everything that you need and for all the employees?
    • Where is the furniture going to go? You need to measure the new office in order to plan out where you are going to place everything.

    If you are into interior design, this part of the checklist for the office move might actually be fun for you. Enjoy making the most of the new space and make it look however you’d like. If the renovation turns out to be too expensive, look into ways to reduce moving costs.

    Notify everyone else

    Once everything is set up, planned and scheduled, you can notify everyone else. Don’t forget to tell your clients about your new location, notify the bank and all your business partners. Start changing your address on your website, social media pages, business cards and wherever else you have it. Make sure the relocation doesn’t come as a surprise for anyone important. 

    And that is basically the end of your office moving checklist. You are ready to leave your current office and move into the new space and have a fresh start. Hopefully, your employees will be helpful during the relocation. If not, you can luckily always hire professionals to give you a hand and handle the most important parts of the move. In order to celebrate a successful move, you can throw an office party with the entire staff and maybe even some business partners. After all, relocation is a good reason for a celebration. Once you’ve settled into the new office, you can get back to work and make the most of the fresh space.