Unpacking mistakes to avoid after moving

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    Finally, the whole ordeal of moving is over. All the troubles of finding quality moving services Miami, packing your household or office, and managing the ride over have successfully resulted in your belongings safely arriving at your new doorstep. Hate to break it to you, but there is still one more obligation you need to take care of. The unpacking. And, whilst doing so, you ought to be smart about unpacking mistakes to avoid. Luckily for you, this text will be just about those. So, without further ado, let’s see how it’s best to proceed.

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    Do not fall into despair. With all these unpacking mistakes to avoid in front of you, you’ll know exactly how to proceed.

    Unpacking mistakes to avoid:

    1. Skipping the inspection of moving boxes

    However well-known Florida moving company you hired might be, we are all human. Consequently, we all make mistakes. Luckily, you are more than capable of preventing them. Or, at least, taking care of the problem before it’s too late. Hopefully, you have made an inventory of your boxes prior to the relocation, and can now knowingly check whether everything has arrived. Proper labeling can help greatly in this endeavor. Consolidated shipping can result is some of the boxes getting mixed up. If your items were transferred in such fashion, make sure that even if the box count is correct, you indeed have all the boxes that belong to you.

    After this is done, proceed with checking the condition of moving boxes as well as its contents inside. Doing this much later can put you in an unpleasant situation. Moving companies have a certain time frame in which they are obliged to respond. If you fail to address the issue during that time, you will be left with damaged goods and no insurance to cover for them.

    2. Starting and finishing everything on the same day

    That is, thinking that you can do it. There is a sound reason why this is highly improbable, or even impossible. We are not referring to your laziness, but rather the exhaustion from it all. Moving into a new home is complicated enough as it is. Even if you are the most determined homeowner and have hired the most efficient professional help in Florida, unpacking in one day is borderline unfeasible. What’s more, striving to get it all done in one day can result in leaving you confused and prone to making mistakes. Besides, what’s the hurry? We know that you just want to get it over with and unwind in your new home. However, you should also enjoy the whole process of making this place into a welcoming ambient. Set realistic targets and unpack the absolute necessities first.

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    It is crucial that you give yourself enough time. Relocation is a complicated process, and you should handle it in a tempo that best suits you.

    3. Not paying attention to the essentials box

    People tend to make the mistake of not packing the essentials box prior to the relocation. We, however, put our trust in you. Having that you looked up unpacking mistakes to avoid, you have also probably informed yourself about the packing services available as well as packing essentials. So, let us assume that you indeed have a box containing items that need to be unpacked immediately after the move. The mistake to avoid is forgetting about this box existence. We will demonstrate this in a few instances:

    • You placed the box below or behind all others. You started unpacking but came to this box last.
    • Making an unpacking plan didn’t prove to be too successful. With all the hectic actions, you have forgotten to put it on your list and thus forgotten all about it.
    • You failed to label your essentials box and used a substantial amount of time looking for it.

    The way to circumvent one of the unpacking mistakes to avoid, such as this one, keep this item with you during the ride. If it can’t fit beside you inside the truck, try to keep it separate from other boxes, and easy to access.

    4. Unpacking the items without previous separation

    This separation might take some time and a bit of effort, but it will prove to be of great use. What’s more, sorting your items prior to the unpacking will almost surely reduce your workload by a half. You see, if you start this procedure with your boxes all scattered around or, just the opposite, piled in a chaotic bunch, you will wast a lot of time. You can see why this is one of the unpacking mistakes to avoid. So, make sure to take each box to it’s designated room. That is, make sure that the movers, or yourself, lay the boxes labeled for the kitchen, in the kitchen itself. With the packages being in the correct rooms, no one will get in other’s way of unpacking, and you will be able to finish the job in record time.

    A beautiful bedroom.
    We are pretty sure this is not the place you want to keep your pots and pans. Henceforth, it might be best to separate the boxes so that they match their designated room.

    In case this text has found you before the packing procedure

    Know that there are things you can do prior to the relocation, and thus not even bother with the unpacking mistakes to avoid. These actions are as follows:

    • Load your boxes minding the priority of unpacking. Items that are not necessary for everyday use can wait, whilst foods and hygiene items take precedence.
    • Label your boxes in a way that you know which should be unpacked first. This can be done by listing their contents on the side, or simply numbering the boxes according to their priority.
    • Make a plan prior to the packing as well as the unpacking. It will help with keeping everything in check and not overlooking any important detail.
    • Try your best not to leave packing for the very end of your relocation. You want to keep your calm and cool, so as to not lose track of anything.