Unpacking obstacles and solutions

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    Moving to a new home is never an easy task, as there are a lot of things to think about and to plan and organize. It is stressful and complicated in so many different ways and it is no wonder that moving is considered as one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. Leaving your home, parents, friends and your hometown behind is a lot to take. The fact that you have to stay completely focused during the process is not very helpful or reassuring either. When trying to hire a proper moving company, or trying to pack all of your belongings, unpacking obstacles and solutions for each of the segments of moving have to be analyzed carefully.

    If you are moving to Florida, for instance, and you hire a reliable moving company West Palm Beach, your move will be much easier. However, hiring an unreliable company can really mess your whole move a lot. Taking forever to pack is something that you need to avoid by all means. If you end up packing your belongings the day before your move, you are a lot more likely to mess things up yourself. The same goes for unpacking. Thus, coming up with the best tactics is crucial. So, let’s dig in, and see what unpacking obstacles and solutions are you going to deal with after your move.

    A woman making a plan on how to surpass unpacking obstacles.
    When planning a move you have to be very organized.

    Unpacking obstacles and solutions: Bad organization and how to avoid it

    The most important thing about organizing a move is organizing a move. So, what you need to do is to plan the move the best possible and detailed way. What this means is, in a nutshell, making to-do lists and moving checklists. There are two crucial lists that you should make and all the other potential ones are just more detailed parts of these two. These will be helpful for the entirety of the move, not just for unpacking.

    The main to-do list

    As we previously stated, planning a move is a matter of good organization. So, when planning the move, you should write down everything that comes to your mind. Start brainstorming the details as soon as you decide that you are going to move. Not doing this may result in forgetting about that one, particularly important segment of the move. Make separate sections for each item on the list, so you can add the needed details. For instance, the section about hiring a good moving company may include the services that you think you are going to need from them. So, when looking for professional packing services FL or unpacking services, for example, you can follow your progress more easily.

    The inventory list

    Making an inventory list is one of the things that can be unpacking obstacles and solutions both. Making an inventory list is not just putting all of the items you have on a piece of paper. If done properly, it can be a fantastically important element in your move. Divide the inventory list into a separate list for each of your rooms. Making a separate list for each of the rooms is a great idea since it can help you pack your things in a more organized, and thus, more efficient way, which means that unpacking your things will also be a lot easier.

    A stressed out woman biting a pen.
    Do not underestimate the unpacking process, as it can really make thins hard for you if you do

    You can pack your boxes in a smarter way as you can pick items of similar composition weight etc. and fit them best together, as it is really important that your boxes are not overpacked. Next, you can then mark boxes that belong to a particular room. Then, when your moving company is unloading the items, you can easily direct them to particular rooms of your new place. Also, if you make an inventory list, it will be easier to see what things should be packed in an essential box (es). Furthermore, if you have to file an insurance claim, you are going to need this list. It would be great also to calculate the worth of your items and put it on the list.

    Unpacking obstacles and solutions: Not cleaning up before unpacking is bad

    A lot of people make this mistake and just start unpacking before they clean their new home. This is a very important thing to do before unpacking. Cleaning your new home is, first of all, useful for practical reasons. You want your home to be the best it can be, and cleaning it before (and after) unpacking is a really smart thing to do. Next, it is psychologically relieving. You have just moved to your new home. The anxiety is probably there and is not very helpful. Cleaning your new home is going to help you connect with it faster and, thus, to settle in more quickly.

    Unpacking obstacles and solutions: Unpacking in the correct order

    Unpacking is not as simple as it may seem. That is why the inventory list is such a great thing to have during a move. As we said, it is easier to instruct your movers when you know which boxes are for which room. Also, you can and should prioritize more efficiently. Put the appliance first as they are usually among the bulkier and more sensitive items. However, you should wait with unpacking your home theater and similar electronic devices as they are usually rather sensitive. Also, if you followed our advice, then you have prepared your essentials boxes for each room. Unpack them right after the appliances.

    A clean kitchen.
    Cleaning your new home will make you feel more comfortable and happier.

    Unpacking obstacles and solutions: Taking your time with unpacking

    This is one of the greatest moving mistakes you can make. When you move to a new home, you are going to need to settle as soon as possible. You cannot do this if you stretch the unpacking process for two months. Yes, it can take time, especially if you have a new job to prepare for and to go to, but it has to be done as soon as possible. It is of great psychological importance to unpack quickly. The process itself is going to take your mind off the pressure and anxiety. Also, it will, like cleaning, help you connect with your new home faster.