Warmest places to settle in Florida

    Sunset at the beach

    So, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Florida? Gorgeous long beaches, tanned people, Disneyland, perhaps, amazing weather throughout the whole year, one of the best State Universities in the whole country. Florida has it all. It’s been a trend in the past years that Florida has become a popular destination for those who retire and decide to relocate to somewhere with a warmer climate. And so, if you are moving to Florida and you’re looking for warmest places to settle in Florida we’ll help you in the search as we look closely to some of the very popular places where we hope you will find everything you’ve always been looking for. Shall we take a look?

    First, why move to Florida in the first place?

    With 246 sunny days on average per year, Florida is one of the sunniest places on Earth. It makes this state a perfect one for all of those who just can’t get enough of vitamin D. It is a state where diversity meets and make it perfectly normal. People of many different origins and background come together making a unique blend. The fact that there are so many sunny days at your disposal makes it possible for you, your family and friends to organize all sort of outdoor activities. You are also spared from shoveling snow in the winter time because there’s no a real winter here.

    Enjoy in the beach in one of the warmest places to settle in Florida
    Florida is full of beautiful long beaches

    Another great thing about this state is that you are in no obligation to paying state taxes, only federal. Furthermore, you’ll be happy to hear that you won’t need to spend all of your money for buying a house, as you can find houses at relatively affordable prices which is probably one of the most common reasons why people choose Florida to retire. And let’s not forget the fact that you will have a chance to enjoy the wonderful nature and exotic animals every day. All here in Florida.

    But what are the warmest places to settle in Florida?

    In this part of a text, we will focus the most on places where it would be great to buy a house in Florida and that have the warmest temperatures.


    Let’s begin with this town which has seen a growth in population due to favorable weather, great school, and excellent healthcare system. Also, young professionals have good chances for finding a job in their field of knowledge as well as have fun at night and get involved in various social events. And while Tampa may not be the warmest of all the places in Florida, it has still found its place on our list since its average year temperature is 73.35°F with very pleasant winter months.

    Tampa night view
    Experience wonderful Tampa

    Miami’s next

    What’s there to be said about this world-famous city that hasn’t been said before? Beautiful long beaches, attractive sun-kissed people, unique architecture, and so much more, this city on which street you can hear dozens of world languages at the same time, leaves no one indifferent. If you decide to move here, you are bound to enjoy Miami life and its perfect hot summers, and short but still warm winters, which makes it one of the warmest places to settle in Florida.

    With excellent weather like this throughout the whole year and the special vibe that’s present in all corners of the city, it is clear why so many people rush to come here and start a new life. And if you do decide to follow their example, then Movers Davy FL is there to assist you to relocate fast and efficiently. There’s no one better to provide you help than an experienced local mover.

    Entertaining Orlando

    This city in central Florida is like a real city from fairy tales. If you have children, we are pretty sure you will need to save a lot of money from every pay check, or make budget cuts when moving to treat them with a trip to Disneyland, which is undoubtedly city’s biggest attraction. Besides Disneyland, there are many other amusement and theme parks. Universal Studio with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is definitely a place you must not miss. The good news is that Orlando is really one of the warmest places to settle in Florida. Orlando is on a third place behind Miami and Tampa for its average temperature during the winter time. So the average temperature at that time of a year is around 62°F which is very pleasant.

    Magical Disneyland
    Besides nice weather, indulge yourself to the pleasures of the magical world of Disneyland

    Saint Petersburg

    Contrary to its namesake in Russia, which is among the cities with the lowest average temperature throughout a year, Florida’s Saint Petersburg can boast with 360 sunny days which makes it very popular with tourists. But also, this city has seen a growth in population due to its affordable cost of living. Furthermore, it is important to state that the health care system is absolutely top-notch. Hence, you don’t need to worry about anything. Just enjoy this beautiful town and all it has to offer you, but make sure to ask for a moving estimate if you decide to settle here.

    Tropical weather in St. Petersburg Florida
    With its high temperatures, St. Petersburg, FL is one of the warmest places to settle in Florida


    Jacksonville has found its spot on our list of warmest places to settle in Florida because of its annual average of 78°F. What makes this city also great is the opportunity for developing business and pursuing a successful career in banking, tourism, logistics, etc., as since Jacksonville is one of the best places for renting an office space in Florida.

    Honorable mentions

    There are other towns which deserve to be mentioned. Here they are:

    • Hialeah has long, hot summers and very short winters, and the temperature is between 61 to 90°F.
    • The situation is similar in Tallahassee with a slightly lower temperature than in Hialeah
    • In Fort Lauderdale, people can enjoy in long summers and temperatures typically up to 89°F

    One thing’s for sure, no matter where you choose to move to, Florida will welcome you with open arms. Now, it is up to you to figure which of these, or perhaps some other is the best option for you to settle in.