Ways to let people know that you’re moving

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    As you are reading this text with an imminent move knocking at your door, chores continuously pile up. Besides finding a new home, deciding what you want to take with you, packing it, hiring a moving company and a whole bunch of other pleasantries, what you need is yet another task – notifying your friends, family and other relevant acquaintances of your relocation. However, unlike packing household appliances, this quest can be a rather joyous feat. You only need to exclude the people who will be saddened by this news from the end result. So, without further ado, let us venture into the ways you would let people know that you’re moving.

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    Are you relocating and feeling rather jolly about it? Let’s see the ways you can let people know that you’re moving and make them as happy as you.

    Choose your means wisely

    When deciding which people you want to notify of your move, it’s also important to choose the means by which you do so – wisely. For example, it would be great to notify your Florida moving company that you plan on relocating. It will only make their job easier. This announcement will prove to be the most productive in this whole undertaking. And, besides being rather logical, it is also quite easy. A simple phone call will do. However, when it comes to notifying your mother, doing so over the phone might not get you the reaction you were hoping for. A clever conclusion to take out of this paragraph is that you need to approach the following ways by which you let people know that you’re moving in a delicate fashion, with regards to their feelings.

    Over a cup of comforting drink

    This option is best for people you deeply care for. These individuals will be greatly affected by this massive change, that they deserve a gentle way of receiving the news. It’s no secret that warm drinks have a comforting effect on people. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Some tea, biscuits or a whole pizza, while we’re at it, can be a great starting point of the conversation that follows. Choose your words as you would your pizza toppings and take enough time. Don’t forget to laugh, make jokes and present this moving occasion as nothing else but a positive step in your life. The person on the other side, if they like you as much as you like them, will surely understand, and end up being happy for you. Shedding a few tears will be easily overlooked.

    Throwing yourself a goodbye party

    What a better way to go than with a bang? People you invite to your goodbye party will undoubtedly interpret your relocation as a cause of celebration, making this jamboree an exuberant delight. Let the drinks flow and burritos roll as you bid your previous home farewell. What’s more, this great way to let people know that you’re moving can be utilized in a beneficial way. Rename your festivity into a packing party. Everyone can grab a box, a beer and a slice of pizza as they help you learn everything about your moving company and wait for their arrival. After the jollity has come to an end, make sure to give everyone your new address, and maybe some of the people can make it to your moving-in party, and furthermore stay in touch.

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    A party is a great way to say goodbye in a cheerful and upbeat fashion.

    An e-mail can suffice

    Having little to no time to plan and execute moving to Florida, can leave you unable to notify everyone of this occasion. At these harrowing times, let us not forget the gift that is the Internet. It is still not too late to give the folk you are keen on a heads-up, just so they know not to knock on your soon-to-be-ex doors in expectancy of your pleasant face. Write an exuberant e-mail, explaining your current affairs. Don’t restrain from adding a picture or two, if you so wish, just to add a cheerful tone. A video can also be a fun way to let people know you’re moving. You can capture the stacks of boxes, the inside, and outside of the new place, as well as a ‘Guess what?’ line in the end. Don’t forget to mention your new address, so that people can drop by uninvited.

    Mail is okay too

    For those of you yearning for simpler times, snail mail is apparently an option worth mentioning. You can opt for a written letter, that comes with a rather obvious personal touch and a tad of a serious tone. You can print out an e-mail you might have thought of sending, including some interesting graphic design. Although somewhat outdated, we’ll admit that sending letters has a certain character to it. Not to mention the frabjous surprise people will get when going through their arduous bills.

    An actual fun way to let people know that you’re moving

    Send a postcard from the place you’ve moved to. You can write a few humorous lines or a whole confession for that matter. What’s certain is that this way to let people know that you are moving is utterly unique. Those who might have forgotten your existence, and thus missed your whole moving process, will be sure to remember you now. This method also comes with the advantage of people knowing your new address without much effort from your side.

    A number of postcards are a good way to let people know that you're moving
    If you have a tendency of moving often, certain lucky few can make collections of your notifications.

    Whatever way you look at it, moving is a big step. Having your friends and family along for the ride makes the whole experience into a joyous occasion, so why not include them?