What to do when movers are late?

    Man is waiting because movers are late.

    It is moving day. But, where is your moving company? Traffic jam and other problems can make them a little late. When things go according to plan, it is really nice and relaxing. But, do not panic if something is wrong. Some things will always stay out of your direct control no matter how hard you try to keep your move smooth. The process of moving from one home to another is a  stressful life event, so take it easy. Moving and storage Florida can make your move much easier. The key is to hire a reliable moving company, and after that, everything will be stressless. One problem is a delay. Learn what to do if your movers are late, they are late because they have a good reason for that.

    Movers will come in time if there are no problems

    Are movers always late? Of course, they not!

    Find a moving company that will not let you down. The company should be reliable and reputable. Research a little before you hire them. You cannot give your belongings to anybody. And if such a moving company is late (it is possible), then there must be a good reason for that delay. Movers can get stuck in traffic or go to the wrong address. Also,  moving truck can have a flat tire or suffer some technical issues. You packed like a pro and now you are waiting. However, they will contact you. Even traffic accidents of various sorts could happen. The result is your household items do not get picked up or delivered at the pre-arranged time and you must be calm.

    Movers are late for pickup! What to do?

    What should you do when movers are late? There are few simple steps to follow, and the problem will be solved. It is a common situation, which can happen to anybody. We have tips for this situation, how to handle it. Be prepared for everything, including this.

    #1 Do not panic

    It is easy to say, we know. But try it. You cannot do anything if you panic, even in the worst case scenario when your moving company will not show up at all on a moving day. You do not the reason, why. So, our advice until you learn of the actual reason for the delay, you’d better stay calm.

    Keyboard with the "panic" and "delete" button.
    Do not panic, it will be just worse for you. Calm down and look what to do next

    #2 Call your moving company

    Call the head office. If you do not have their number, or you cannot find it, then google it. Most of the companies have a website. Keep trying to reach them until they pick up the phone. Find out what is the reason and when will they come to pick up your items. Explain your situation and demand concrete answers as to why the moving crew is missing, and request an estimated time of arrival. And then, organize your time in-between. If the delay will be only a few hours, use that time to make sure everything is ready. Boxes, documents, jewelry…But, if you are informed that the movers will not be at your address before the next day, then you will need to make a major re-arrangement of your own schedule.

    Telephone in the hands for calling a mover.
    You must call your moving company and ask them why they are late and when will they come?

    #3 Last minute movers

    Last-minute movers will be able to accommodate your house move despite the short notice. This is the final solution. If your movers do not appear even after 2 days, for example, find last-minute moving company. You probably already paid a deposit. Read a contract well. They should give you the money back.

    Movers are late for delivery! The second problem

    Of course, this can happen too. As we mentioned before, there are many reasons why a professional moving company may be late for delivery. You should not automatically assume that the worst has already happened. Do your best to stay calm and not to panic. Again. Your movers did not show up at your new address what to do now? Here we have some tips too.

    #1 Again, call them

    It is all about contacting the head office of the company. Ask them for the reason and when will they come. This is the worse scenario because your items are with them.

    #2 Use the time you have

    If you are only going to wait a few hours, you should use that time to do something useful. For example, running some errands within the new home. You can clean it, it is much easier to clean up the new place when it’s empty, or just relax and meet the new neighbors.

    Cleaning supplies.
    It is much easier to clean the house when is empty

    #3 They will late a day or more

    What to do now? It easy when movers are late for few hours, but what to do when they will late 2 days? Things can get rather complicated. Where will you sleep? Be prepared, as we mentioned before it is the key. Purchase an air mattress or a sleeping bag to survive until you get reunited with your furniture, local hotel room until your movers do show up. Staying with a friend in that new town or city is also a great option. If you are waiting for movers for a long time, then, unfortunately, you might have become a victim of moving fraud. What to do then?

    After all, think this way mover are late I am not going to panic. We know how moving can be so stressful, that’s why you need to check the moving company first before you hire them. Get recommendations, ask for referrals…Everything is possible. Avoid the biggest moving mistakes and be prepared.