What to eat on moving day for breakfast, lunch, dinner?

    There are multiple problems that usually occur on a moving day. Something always comes up and you have to deal with it immediately in order to finish the move successfully. But there is one question that people often don’t talk about. What to eat on moving day? It can be important so we advise that you stay and read the rest of the article.

    Type of food

    When moving, even if you don’t do the biggest work regarding moving and transporting stuff, you can actually be very busy. You have to plan your relocation and coordinate your movers since you are the one that knows how to move as you planned it. Also as we said, some problems can occur which you have to solve immediately. So, what to dine when moving? It is advised not to take any hard food for the stomach. What we mean is that food with a large number of calories is not recommended. To digest it, the massive flow of blood goes into your belly so you can be sleepy and unproductive that day.

    • Meat– Mean offers a big boost of energy but it has some side effects that can occur after. The meat is the perfect example when we talk about sleepiness after the meal. If you must eat meat, try smaller portions in order to maintain efficiency.
    • Vegetables and fruits– It won’t make you sleepy no matter how much you eat but it usually isn’t enough for you to have the energy and strength to finish the move.
    • Seafood– There are some problems with seafood. The outcome depends on your body. Seafood is the number one food that can cause allergies so if you must grab a bite of seafood during moving, eat only what you have already tried before so you could prevent allergies and food poisoning.
    • Dairy products– We don’t recommend consuming dairy products during the move because they can cause problems with your stomach and make you less efficient.

    Another thing to consider is the time you need to make food. You don’t have that much time during the moving day so it is better to eat food that you can prepare for a short period of time. We will elaborate on all of these recommendations.

    Check for any food left

    When moving, there is a chance that there is some food left in your kitchen. We can all agree that it would be a shame to throw it away. So, you can always use it and grab a bite if it doesn’t require you to cook it for several hours. You have to sort the food several days prior to the move. This way you will have time to decide what to do with the remaining. It is not wise to move them and more importantly most of moving companies Pembroke Pines will refuse to do this because it can cause a lot of trouble and unpleasant smell. Do either one of three things with the remaining food, eat it, donate or throw away if you can’t do anything.

    What to eat on moving day for breakfast

    The beginning of the day is usually calm but not when you are moving. So the question is: what to eat of moving day when you know that you will have to be fast so you could finish everything? The important thing to know is to never skip breakfast when moving due to exhaustion you could experience. We advise consuming some light food that will give you the necessary energy but won’t slow you down. Try some eggs, breakfast cookies, delicious muffins, etc. For this reason, we don’t advise bacon, salami or similar food because it can slow you down and make you less efficient.

    Eggs are the perfect food for breakfast!

    What to eat on moving day for lunch

    When we talk about what to eat on moving day for lunch, we usually all think of meat! But you don’t have time to cook one, right? You need food which can be prepared fast or you should prepare it a day before the move. The busiest part of a moving day is usually around the lunchtime because the body is the most prepared and motivated for working so you don’t really think of eating and don’t need it. But keep in mind that you must eat in order to keep up, stay calm during the move and finish everything.

    The perfect meal for lunch is a sandwich! You can fill it with whatever you like, make it rich, and boost your strength for the rest of the day. There are other options too. Try various salads of your choice, sandwich rolls… Some people advise eating fast food but keep in mind that it is full of calories so you could spend the rest of the day waiting to go to bed.

    A sandwich
    A sandwich is the safest choice for lunch

    What do eat on moving day for dinner

    What to eat on moving day when the dinner comes? Well, there are several options but most people take one which doesn’t involve cleaning up in the process. Most of the people are tired when dinner comes so they just want to eat whatever and finish the day. Depending on where are you moving you should learn about local restaurants and fast food. Nutritionists usually don’t recommend food with a large number of calories for dinner because it can cause insomnia and pains in the belly. The golden middle is then the key.

    Be aware of fast food!

    What about movers?

    It is certainly expected to offer them a meal as well. When deciding about moving services Miami with the company you don’t get a list of things you should do for your movers when they come. Hidden rules, we might say. What we mean by this is that they are people too and deserve to be treated like it. So, be a good host, and offer them something to eat too. You don’t have to make anything out of the ordinary so you can just make them whatever you are eating. It should be enough and they will be grateful.

    There are also several other ways on how to treat your movers for the work they do. You have to know that it isn’t simple so behave according to that fact. Offer them meals, offer beverages for thirst and stay out of their way!

    The summary

    It isn’t a such a big deal when we talk about what to eat on moving day. Even though there are several recommendations by us and nutritionists, you still shouldn’t follow from word to word. We are all different, not just in looks. Every one of us is also different regarding their body. So be aware that something that is good for someone else is maybe not good for you. If you implement this fact on food, you get that only you know what you like and what is good for you. Follow your instincts, follow these tips and find the perfect solution!