What to unpack the first day in your new home

    Your relocation is finally over – congratulations! You’ve survived the endless nights of worrying about packing, hiring long distance movers Florida, helping your kids prepare for what’s to come and many other tasks. Now you are finally settled into your home with all of your loved ones around you. However, as much as you would like it, your job is nowhere near done. Before you can start living and loving your new life, you first have to unpack. There are many things you have to unpack the first day in your new home as you will need them right away. We understand that unpacking is the last thing you want to do now, but it has to be done.

    Put large furniture in its designated place

    Unless you paid for packing services with your movers Pompano Beach FL, they will unload the furniture and leave it like that. It will most likely be your job to put those pieces back together and place them in their new positions. Imagine stumbling over your sofa for a couple of days and bumping into your dining table. It just makes no sense whatsoever. So, before you get to any other work, unpack your large pieces of furniture. That will make the work that’s to come much simpler. Besides, you’ll need a place to sleep and eat right away, so this is really a mandatory task.

    A living room.
    What’s there to unpack the first day in your new home in order to achieve an organized look such as this one? Let’s find out with joined forces.

    A moving essentials box is one of those things you need to unpack the first day in your new home

    If you were smart enough and followed pretty much every moving tip on the matter, you composed a moving essentials box while packing. Think of it as your survival kit for the first day and night in your new home. There are plenty of essentials that will come in handy on a moving day. Some of those include:

    • Toiletries
    • Toothbrush and toothpaste
    • A clean change of clothes and underwear
    • Some toys for the kids
    • Essential cleaning supplies
    • Bedding and sheets

    So, as soon as you arrive in your new home, you should grab your essentials box. It will help not to have to rummage through dozens of boxes just to find your toothbrush. Don’t you agree?

    Install all of your larger appliances

    While you won’t have an immediate need for your juicer, you will certainly have a need for your stove or washer and drier. That need may not come on a moving day per se, but it will most likely come the day after it. So, before you can start relaxing with your family and even thinking about lying down, you should install your large appliances.

    A kitchen to unpack the first day in your new home.
    It will be of utmost help to have your appliances ready for use.

    Getting them into working condition again will be a tough ordeal. As professional Florida movers, we are no experts on the matter of electronics and their functioning. But we do hope you kept the manual that came with those appliances. We also hope you were wise when uninstalling them and watched closely where each wire went. That will be of huge help when setting them up once again.

    Get your beds ready

    Let’s get to some real talk – we are pretty sure that during the entire moving day all you imagined was your warm bed. You hoped that your local Florida movers will relocate you quickly so that you can be in your bed by 8 PM. Before you can make that a reality, you will first have to put your bed together. And not just yours, but of your family members as well. Again, if you followed the rules, you packed enough bedding in your moving essentials box. That means that at least one part will be ready and easy to finish.

    Assemble as much furniture as you can

    When it comes to unpacking things the first day in your new home, there is only one rule – unpack as much as you can. The goal is not for your move to drag on for ages. Quite the contrary, the objective is to be able to return to your normal life as soon as possible. Now, we completely understand that you will be tired after moving and that you will want to deal only with those things you absolutely have to. So, once you unpack your bed, essentials and large furniture, you will be tempted to call it a day.

    Furniture to unpack the first day in your new home.
    Don’t overwork yourself but also don’t slack off. Instead, find the balance that will allow you to succeed.

    In case it’s still very early and you have some strength left in you, we suggest you unpack as much furniture as possible. Reassemble all the things you can and save yourself from a lot of work the next day. You already know that as soon as you wake up, you will be glad you exerted yourself. It’s simple really – the more things you unpack the first day in your new home, the less you will have to unpack the second and third. 

    Unpacking the first day in your new home sounds simple enough…

    But you are about to find out it really isn’t. It’s difficult to unpack the first day in your new home when all you want is to sleep for days. If you have moved with children, at least you will have some additional motivation for not slacking off. But even if you moved by yourself you should motivate yourself and get unpacking out of the way as soon as possible. Think of it as the only remaining obstacle between you and your exciting new life. Feeling more motivated right now? As well as you should be!