When is the cheapest time to relocate

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    Each season comes with its pros and cons regarding virtually any situation. Relocation is no exception to this rule. Spring has cool temperatures that suit every individual, summer offers long days, fall comes with the best real estate deals, while cheap rates are best found in winter. As you can see, this will not be the easiest of decisions you will make. However, finding what best suits your preferences and possibilities is what we are up for. The cheapest time to relocate can depend on many factors, so let’s go through them in the following few lines.

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    Every season has its pros and cons. Let’s see which of those affect relocation ventures.

    A word about seasons

    As we mentioned just a few lines ago, each season has its perks. However, following the nature of your question ‘when is the cheapest time to relocate’, we feel that it’s necessary to further explain the point that we made. So, let’s see those pros and cons that each season brings.

    Spring is almost flawless

    With peak season warming up in late May, it’s best to use the months before for your move. March, April and early May are the perfect time to call experienced Pembroke pines movers and schedule your relocation. In the months of spring, moving companies tend to have cheaper rates and are more available for your demands. What’s more, the weather is perfect for this occasion. You have the golden middle of freezing temperatures of winter and scorching breath of summer. However, spring can be troublesome for anyone going to school. Exams and end of year school activities are piling up and the last thing anyone would need is the troubles that changing a location brings.

    Summer can make you money

    If you want to sell your home, who better to listen to than Arnold Schwarzenegger – do it, do it now! Summer is the time in which home-selling season peaks. This increased demand for homes indicates that your house could be sold for more money than usual. Besides that, if you have a family, now would be the perfect time to move, having that your kids are on a holiday and have no school chores whatsoever. Additionally, the day lasts longer in the summer, resulting in more time for you to move in and out of a home, providing you with the flexibility greatly appreciated when conducting a DIY move.

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    Long summer days will allow you to get more things done, making a DIY much more feasible

    He giveth, but he also taketh

    Remember how we said in the spring section that peak season starts in the summer? Well, it’s still true. Price tags will go way up, having that roughly 70 percent of all moves taking place from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Additionally, any long distance move might result in you receiving your goods a tad late. Reason being consolidated shipping. A moving truck carrying your things will probably have boxes from other customers loaded as well, and with that have to drop them off. Lastly, let’s not forget to mention the temperature of summer months. If you live in the Texas or Florida, heat stroke is best prevented if you move during a cooler season.

    Autumn gives you time to settle

    In almost every state, months from September through November are the most pleasant. Having that the peak season has ended with the first leaf turning yellow, it will be easier to buy a home. What’s more, you will have just enough time to make yourself at home and welcome the holidays in a proper manner. However, announcing to your school-age kids that you are about to move might not have the joyful reaction you expect. Changing schools can be more burdensome than you know.

    Winter will save you money

    As a complete opposite to summer, winter comes with much lower prices for moving. With the cold wind howling through the streets and kids well into their school year, not many dares to ponder relocation. In return, moving companies tend to lower their rates and welcome any demand. Moving and storage Florida praise winter for the flexibility they can work with. However, it goes without saying that moving in a blizzard is not an experience you want to have. In addition, treacherous weather demands better preparation. Waterproofing your boxes and salting the walkways are just some of the precautions you will need to think about.

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    Probably the least favorite time to move is also the cheapest time to relocate

    Cheapest time to relocate goes beyond months

    It can be the matter of a day of the month, time of day and even a choice between weekdays or weekends. So, your question still stands, when is the cheapest time to relocate?

    • You should aim for mid-month. This is the period when the demands and costs are lowest in comparison to the beginning and the end of the month. Why? Many leases begin the first of the month, having an effect on people’s decision on moving.
    • Early AM would be the preferred time of day for the relocation. If you are moving in winter, you will have more daylight to work with. If summer is your season of choice, morning hours are cooler and more pleasant for working. However, no matter the season, early morning is best for avoiding traffic jams.
    • If any way possible, opt for a weekday as your moving day. Moving companies suggest any day from Monday to Thursday. Prices and demands for movers are higher during the weekend. In addition, you can use the weekend for packing, finish your move during the weekdays, and again have the weekend for getting accustomed to your new home.