When should you hire car shipping companies

    A viewpoint of a person that didn't hire car shipping companies

    With a move upon you, many tend to forget that the car ought to go with them as well. That is if you don’t want to leave it, which is perfectly fine, with us. If you are having a local move, driving your car to your new place might not be too much of a problem, and you might not have to hire car shipping companies. However, if your new home is a bit further, long distance movers Florida will probably find it hard to fit a whole car in their moving truck, along with all your other belongings. You are left with two options:

    1. Either drive to your destination, or
    2. Hire car shipping companies

    The following text will help with making the final decision.

    A woman driving a car after not hiring car shipping companies
    Should you drive on your own or hire car shipping companies? Let’s see.

    The thought process before deciding to hire car shipping companies

    As the move is getting closer, you are probably thinking: ”okay, I’ll hire some last minute movers near me for the household, and drive the car there myself”. As mentioned, you might be able to pull this off if the trip to your new place is not that lengthy in size. For any other occasion, it would be best that you hire car shipping companies. Some of the main reasons for doing so include:

    Safety of both you and your car

    The former, being that it takes precedence over everything else, is what we’ll start with. As a driver, you are aware that virtually every exposure to traffic and open road puts you in a hazardous situation. In addition, long drives, however enjoyable, can be quite dreary and tiresome. Not to mention the unavoidable stress that the relocation itself brings forth. With all this in mind, hiring a car shipping company is the right move. The goal is to reduce worry and anxiety on any front possible since you will inevitably have to deal with at least some amount of it during the relocation process.

    On the other hand, we have the safety of your vehicle. There is a number of reasons why opting to hire car shipping companies is a safer alternative. One of them being that auto transport prevents the accumulation of added mileage, and this can further contribute to depreciation. In addition, you also have the available option of enclosed auto transport. This protects your car from weather and road elements.

    A car during the rain.
    This situation is completely avoidable with the hiring of an auto transport company.

    The convenience of it

    Although not the most important, it still is the most common reasons why people tend to hire car shipping companies. Certain shippers offer door-to-door auto transport services, where the designated driver comes directly to your home or another place previously agreed upon. Further meaning that you are spared from the tedious chore of dropping off and picking up your car from a terminal location. Albeit, a certain location can present to be quite a challenge for the transport truck to access. In such a case, you and the driver would agree on a meeting area, such as a large parking lot, for example, and he would take over from there.

    The added bonus being the time you save when you hire car shipping companies

    The majority of auto shipping companies work on the following principle:

    • the driver comes directly to the agreed location in order to pick up the vehicle
    • the vehicle will then be loaded into the truck specifically designed for the purpose of transporting vehicles
    • the driver will drop the car off at its destination

    Such service skips the use of terminals, making the whole process much more convenient and efficient. And even if you have to meet the driver at a predetermined location that is not your home, this still beats the alternative of driving the car yourself.

    What’s more, driving a car across the country will take up a whole lot of your time. To be exact, traveling from California to Florida is a forty-hour trip. And, no one expects you to drive forty hours straight. You will have to make often stops to rest, eat and stretch. You end up spending several days to weeks even, for a single trip. Thus, the question poses itself: why make such a journey if you needn’t to? Remember, the only resource you cannot get back is time. When you hire car shipping companies, you are saving yourself many hours.

    And as if that wasn’t enough, companies offer expedited shipping options as well. Meaning that you can have your vehicle delivered by a specific date. Simply pay a little more for this service, and you’re good to go. It is wise to have in mind, however, that booking early is advisable. Depending on the time of the year, companies can be booked up for longer periods of time.

    A clock signifying the right time to hire car shipping companies
    Whenever you are able to save yourself some time, you should.

    Hire car shipping companies and save money

    When you put on paper the price of auto transport as opposed to driving, you will see that the former is more cost-effective in most cases. Take into consideration the days you won’t have to take off work, in order to drive across the country. And we all know that the less time you spend out of work means less money in your wallet.

    On the other hand, when you hire car shipping companies, you are able to simply catch a quick flight, whilst your vehicle has a trip of its own. However, that’s not the end of your driving expenses. Besides the gas and the trips to the mechanic in order to have your car road-ready, you also need to think about food and lodging. And, let’s not forget all the unexpected, but very plausible expenses. What if a breakdown or a flat tire occur? While preventative routine maintenance reduces the chances of a roadside emergency, it still costs.

    The cost of hiring professionals to transport your car varies from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars or more. The price depends on the location, type of vehicle, whether or not you move during the cheapest period for moving, shipping method, the condition of the vehicle, etc. When you add up the expenses and the trouble that comes with driving the car yourself, you will see that going with a car shipping company is well worth the investment.