When should you start packing for your Florida relocation?


    Having to make a plan for organizing a move is not a simple task. Moving is a really important event in anyone’s life. No matter how many times you move, it will change your life every single time. It is a chance to start life over, and whether it is by your choice or life has made you move, you should look at it that way. Maintaining a positive mindset is really important. One of the ways to help yourself keep that positive attitude is to plan the move to the best of your possibilities. Deciding on when you should start packing for your Florida relocation, for example, is one of the things you have to decide on. Hiring some quality Florida movers is another really important thing. 

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    Florida is a great place to start life anew

    There is a lot of things such as one that you will have to take care of. There are numerous guides on our website that you can and should definitely check out. Now, we have prepared a short guide on when should you start packing for your Florida relocation. There are several phases that you should take into consideration, so without further ado, let us delve into it.

    Important: Before you start packing for your Florida relocation, make an inventory list

    Having an inventory list as you prepare for a move can be a true nerves-saver. It may sound a bit odd that a piece of paper with things on it can make such a big difference, but it is true. When you begin actively working on your move, make the inventory list your first priority. It will be useful to you in more than one way. For instance, you may need it as a document in case something goes wrong and some of your things end up misplaced or lost so you have to file an insurance claim. However, it will definitely serve you as a great organizational tool. Once you have all of your items on, you will be able to pace the packing process much more effectively. Also, remember to make a few copies of the list make a few copies, just in case.

    You must plane beforehand when should you start packing for your Florida relocation
    The inventory list can help you a lot with packing

    So, when should you start packing for your Florida relocation?

    Now, once you have your inventory list, you will be able to plan the packing process according to the time you have to pack. There are several phases of packing that you should go through in order to not rush through the move, but rather do everything slowly and carefully.

    Three weeks to a month before

    This depends on the size of your household and the number of things you are moving with you. Three weeks to a month before the moving date is generally more than enough time to pack up in an orderly fashion. This is the period when you should pack all the things that do not have any role in your everyday life. Things like holiday decorations are a great example of this. Seasonal clothes, bicycles, tools and other stuff that you may keep in your garage or your storage space also belong in this group. This is also a great time to start decluttering i.e. getting rid of things you do not want to take with you. You can throw them away, donate them, give them as presents or sell them.

    Ten days to two weeks before the move

    When you hit the “two weeks before the moving day” mark, it is time for the next phase. In this phase, you are starting to deal with things that you use in everyday life. Books are a good example of this. Things like electronic devices are also something that you may use on an everyday basis. However, it is likely that at least some of them you can live without for a couple of weeks.

    Do not forget the famous “essentials” box!

    This is something that you can start thinking about five to seven days before the moving date. It is basically the box or set of boxes (depending on how many people are moving together) that contains all the crucial things that you will need on your moving day, after the moving day and in the first couple of days, or even weeks in your new home. So, things like your clothes, your hygiene set, key electronic devices, etc.

    Pro tip: Do not forget to hire professionals to assist you!

    One of the most important things that you should when it comes to planning a move is to hire a moving company. Moving companies are exactly what they sound like – Companies that are there to help you move from your old home to a new one. Sometimes you may hear friends, family members or simple acquaintances saying how moving companies are not necessary for a stress-free move. However, while that may be true in some particular cases, it is generally really far away from the truth. Even as you think about when should you start packing for your Florida relocation, it would be a really smart move to actually first talk to some moving companies and see what services do they offer exactly.

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    Hiring movers is always a great idea when moving

    Moving companies have gone really far in terms of their programs and services they offer. Some of them specialize in moving you across longer distances, others only move locally. Some may offer you specialized types of move for, for example, musical instruments such as a piano. A lot of moving companies today also offer help with packing your belongings.  So, before you actually start packing on your own you may want to look out of for packing services Florida movers offer. This may be a really great way to make your move an easier one. In case you decide that you do not need any help packing your belongings, they can still give you a tip of two.