Why hire experts to move a piano

    The presence of a piano adds a little class to every room. Apart from being a great conversation piece, the piano can bring music into your home if you know how to play it. Unfortunately, the fun stops when you need to move your home. Transporting such a big musical instrument requires a lot of experience and equipment. Instead of spending too much time and money, and probably still damaging your item, you should hire experts to move a piano.

    This instrument's bulkiness is the reason you should hire experts to move a piano.
    A beautiful instrument and a nightmare to transport!

    No relocation is easy, especially not when you have big items to move. This is why you’ll want to ask for some assistance with your move. The more people that help you move, the faster it will be! Generally, you’ll always want to hire professional moving services Miami to transport something as bulky and intricate as a piano. Because of its size, it will be very difficult to move it. And, because it’s so complicated, you’ll likely damage it without even realizing. Warping the boards of the piano by carrying it improperly is likely to ruin it as much as a bump or a drop. So, don’t allow any hands on your precious instrument but the most careful ones.


    Your first and foremost concern on a moving day should be about safety. If you’re not in a safe environment, you’ll have a hard relocating without injury. So, you should do everything you can to ensure a safe relocation.

    Your safety

    Handling a heavy and bulky musical instrument can be very dangerous. You could pull a muscle, break some bones and even get injured more seriously. You should put the safety of your family and yourself before the safety of your items. So, don’t risk getting hurt or ending up in the hospital because you didn’t want to hire experts to move a piano!

    The piano’s safety

    Apart from watching out for your safety, you should also watch out for the instrument. Preventing any damage to your piano is another reason why you should hire an experienced Florida moving company to move your item. You definitely want to avoid damaging your piano. And, since this instrument is so complex damaging it will be easy.

    A hand in an cast.
    Avoid getting hurt by hiring the professionals to do the job for you.

    Save money

    Investing in professional piano movers on a moving day can save you a lot of trouble. If you attempt to transport the item yourself, you’ll likely run into a lot of trouble. It’s easy for inexperienced people to damage such a complex instrument. And what will you do once you break it by accident? Apart from the fact that you probably won’t be able to play it anymore, you’ll likely have a hard time selling it, too. Rarely anyone wants a damaged piano and those who do almost never pay well for it. So, you’ll do well to hire experts to move a piano to your new home. In addition to damaging the item, by hiring the pros you’ll ensure that the job gets done faster. The less time you spend on the relocation, the less it will cost.

    You should also choose the experts to move your items because:

    • They are experienced – the movers have years of experience moving pianos just like your.
    • They have the best equipment – don’t waste money on buying equipment which you’ll probably never use again. Hire the pros who already have all the necessary tools to safely relocate your pian.
    • They have insurance – some insurance companies won’t cover any damage to the instrument if inexperienced people try to transport it. A moving company’s plan covers any damage they can cause while on the job so you should hire experts to move a piano.

    Save time!

    Moving is not an easy task. Apart from the physical strain to your body which accompanies every relocation, there’s also the psychological. Did I forget something? Did I submit all the paperwork? Will I have enough time to do everything? Enough issues to drive you insane even without adding a piano into the equation. If you hire experts to move a piano, at least a part of your troubles will be over with. Don’t waste half your day trying to do something the experts could’ve done in an hour. Besides, when you’re not stressing about transporting your musical instrument, you’ll have more time on your hands!

    A stack of coins with a clock in the background.
    Save time and money by hiring the experts!

    Use this time to complete any other moving-related tasks you might have. Such as filling out Form 8822 and informing the IRS about the change in your address. Or applying for a new drivers license in the state you moved to. You can even spend it on packing a personal bag for your relocation. Finally, you can decide to use the time for something personal and completely not related to moving your home. All in all, there’s a ton of things to do with the time you’ll save!

    Choose reliable movers when you  hire experts to move a piano

    Hiring a moving company to move your piano shouldn’t be a spur of the moment decision. Since the movers you choose will be handling your musical instrument, you’ll want the best movers for the job! An inexperienced relocation specialist can be the death of your piano. So, you should consider your choices very carefully. Choose an honest moving company with experience and good reviews. Only a company like this can transport your item to your new home safely. If you want to hire experts to move a piano, there’s no better candidate than the Purple Moving Group! Check out our clients’ testimonials and you’ll see what we’re talking about.